Our Approach

Being passionate about cars, its only natural to love to work on them... We really love the feeling of accomplishment that come from seeing a marked improvement in how a car runs, drives and looks.

Our Story

I spent many years as the owner/operator of an auto glass and trim shop back in the late 1980's. We were among the earliest to do window tinting and accent striping as well as interior and exterior upgrades. We have been customizing cars every since. The 3 "G"s of 3G's Performance are Les (dad), Nathan (son), and Stephen (son).

Meet the Team

These are the 3 G's and all three have unique and special gifts. All three love cars and off road vehicles.

Les Gilmer

Founder & Dad

Customizing cars, Boats, and RV's since 1977. Custom parts designer and manufacturer. Also sang for the president in 1996.

Nathan Gilmer

Designer, Photographer, and Son

Nathan has been customizing cars since his first car at age 16. He is an amazing photographer and a great dad to his 2 kids.

Stephen Gilmer

Designer, Pilot and Son

Stephen bought his first car at 14, fixed it up and traded for another. By the time he got his license, he was driving a BMW. He is as passionate about flying as he is about cars.